Discrimination against Muslims and what to do about it
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Discrimation against Muslims

Do you feel your rights as a Muslim have been violated in this country? CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations) may be your first stop. CAIR is the premiere US organization working to uphold the civil rights of Muslims in the U.S., and to prevent discrimination, prejudice and violence against them. For example, CAIR intervened when a Muslim in Florida was told by his employer that he could not go to Friday prayers. CAIR worked with the employer to meet its needs and the needs of the Muslim. It has also come to the aid of women discriminated in the workplace because of their use of hijab. It has also fought negative Islamic stereotyping in the media, and documented hate crimes. You can read about these cases in their newsletter. If you want to become actively involved in fighting discrimation against Muslims in the US subscribe to the excellent CAIR mailing list (email).

Council on Islamic Education is another organization working to correct inaccurate stereotypes in textbooks used in schools. If see are a student who sees bigotry against Islam in textbooks or are a teacher/professor who works with textbooks you may wish to know more about them. Here is a Article about CIE